The Global Accelerator Program brought 7 companies from 3 Latin American Countries from 3 strategic partners to the United States for 90 days. Since these companies have been in the US, all companies have incorporated in the United States and opened bank accounts, there are 3 provisional patents, and one joint venture. Applications for the next international GAP cohort open 2/1/19. is is an accelerator of startups and international businesses with expertise and focus on execution for not only startups, but also scaleups and public and private organizations, headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, Silicon Valley, and San Antonio, Texas

Austral Incuba is the business incubator of University Austral of Chile.

We support the acceleration of innovative and ethically responsible companies that contribute to the socioeconomic development of southern Chile.

Parque Tec is an Incubator and Accelerator of companies that is a non-profit organization founded in 2004; has become the first private incubator and empowerment of dynamic companies in Costa Rica.


Alex Lucena

DocPad CMO

DocPad was developed to make life easier and practical for patients and health care providers. It enables people to store, organize and share their healthcare information through a single digital platform.

Ana, Rennan

VybMe Founder and CEO

VybMe is an alternative to traditional GPS navigational systems, combining outstanding vibrational signals, an easy to learn linguistic code and the adaptability to be attached to clothing, wearables or handlebars.

Alejandro Bisquertt


At Neurognos, we’re connecting Alzheimer's patients with next- generation screening and diagnostic tests through the power of Machine Learning.



Wow Emotions is a one stop shop for virtual and augmented reality content.

We focus on:

- E-learning

- Training

- And do it yourself Vr and AR apps .

Allan, Nicolas


Sports Sonar is a B2B platform that allows sports teams to better interact with their fans while providing their sponsors with much more visibility. We deliver branded video content into your mobile, using an ultrasonic tone that cannot be heard by the human ear, no need for internet connection.

Ricardo, Douglas, Samuel


MAGTAB is a platform for visual content and digital marketing with a new product called Easy Stories, that makes easy to create and share your story, like this one.